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Fruits Packing - $2,100 (CAD) Per Month

Job Description:

Join the Boreal Bites Foods team as part of our fruit packing crew. In this role, you’ll be at the heart of our operations, ensuring that every fruit we deliver is packed with care, preserving its freshness and quality.

  • Handle fruits with care, ensuring minimal damage.
  • Pack fruits efficiently, ensuring secure transit.
  • Maintain a clean and hygienic workspace.

Helper Staff - $2,200 (CAD) Per Month

Job Description:

Be a pivotal member of the Boreal Bites Foods family. As a Helper Staff, you’ll assist in various day-to-day operations, ensuring smooth workflow and supporting different teams in their tasks.

  • Aid in daily operations across various departments.
  • Assist in inventory management and restocking.
  • Ensure cleanliness and orderliness in the workspace.

Light Driver - $3,000 (CAD) Per Month

Job Description:

Drive with purpose as a Light Driver at Boreal Bites Foods. Your role will involve transporting goods and sometimes personnel, ensuring timely and safe deliveries.

  • Responsible for safe and timely transportation.
  • Maintain vehicle hygiene and ensure regular maintenance checks.
  • Handle documentation related to deliveries and transport.

Heavy Driver - $3,500 - $4,000 (CAD) Per Month

Job Description:

Embark on the road with Boreal Bites Foods. As a Heavy Driver, you’ll be responsible for the transportation of bulk goods, ensuring they reach their destination safely and on schedule.

  • Drive heavy vehicles for transporting larger quantities.
  • Ensure regular vehicle checks and maintenance.
  • Comply with all transport regulations and safety norms.

Salesmen - $2,400 (CAD) Per Month

Job Description:

Become the face of Boreal Bites Foods to our cherished customers. As a Salesman, you’ll be at the forefront, understanding customer needs, showcasing our products, and ensuring delightful experiences.

  • Engage with customers, understanding their needs.
  • Showcase and explain the benefits of our products.
  • Handle sales transactions and maintain records.

Security Guard - $2,500 (CAD) Per Month

Job Description:

Protect and serve the Boreal Bites Foods premises. In this role, you’ll be ensuring the safety of our staff, products, and premises, making sure everything is secure and in order.

  • Monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions.
  • Handle access control and visitor management.
  • Respond to alarms and security-related incidents.


    Boreal Bites Foods Canada Company

    Welcome to Boreal Bites Foods, your source for fresh and nutritious vegetables, fruits, and dairy goods in Canada.

    Welcome to Boreal Bites Foods, your source for fresh and nutritious vegetables, fruits, and dairy goods in Canada.

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